Nordic Harp Summer Workshop
July 31st to August 3rd
in Skurup, Skåne (South Sweden)

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Erik Ask-Upmark
We invite to a trip to south Sweden:
In Skurup, home of Nils Holgersson, we realize a summer workshop for celtic and nordic harps.

Arriving on Thursday, and departing on Sunday afternoon, the days in between will be filled with music!

We offer workshops for Celtic and Nordic harps on intermediate level. The focus will be on Nordic traditional music but from two different points of view, that of the two teachers Tim Rohrmann and Erik Ask-Upmark. The programme will be completed by dance, concerts and an outdoor harp event.

The location will be Skurups Folkhögskola in the middle of the beautiful Skåne countryside, close both to the cities of Malmö and Ystad (home of Kurt Wallander!) as well as tourist attractions such as the amazing monument of Ales Stenar on the south coast.

Invitation flyer and registration form (639 KB)

Tim Rohrmann

Skurup Högskola
Skåne  Sweden

€ 350,00 for accomodation, food and the complete workshop program

More info: 
Erik Ask‐Upmark
• Sweden
phone +46 (0) 40 – 48 20 05

Tim Rohrmann • Music for harp
Kirchstraße 1a • 38321 Denkte
• Germany
phone +49 (0) 5331 –  88 17 13

Also, taking place in the weekend before the workshop is the folk music festival of Korrö near Växjö, about 200 km to the north, the biggest folk festival in southern Sweden: